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The Last Days of College
A tribute to happy times

Infamous Girlfriends of the Past!
Delightfully sweet'n'sour

The Story of Rachel
Latest girlfriend of the past

Alaska Travelogue
Leave your worries behind
Work in progress...

Main Course

Data Goes Out On the Town
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Much loved, much hated, but never ignored

Alter Ego
Some call it poetry

Calamari - Squid You Eat
a la tentacles

Americans are Sooo Stupid
A Stupid American's view

Enlightenment Given Me By My Kidney Stone
Wisdom from treasured crystals

Nephrolithiasis (aka Kidney Stones)
Home to troubled kidneys

Kidney Stone Facts

Asian Activities


Quickest way out

Old Page (The Good Ole Days)
A tribute to 1995

Welcome Home To...

the Unknown
... the Unknown...

the Arts
... the Arts...

...Turmoil ...

Orchestrated Scandals
... Orchestrated Scandals!

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