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Candy?! I guess the serenade was a little too much for her!






Two dates in one night can really put a drain on the finances. Data was forced to result to violence when he tried to borrow someone's ATM card. Hey, dudes, it's called self-preservational-defense, and that makes it legal for a human or an android. Although he didn't get the PIN number, who or what can stand up to a phaser and win? Surely not that ATM!



If only that poor old lady knew she had been mugged for pinball money! But hey, someone has to settle the Enterprise versus the Millennium Falcon debate once and for all. It's caused way too many arguments resulting in a pro-Tattoine dungeon master killing off an entire campaign of Trekkers in a single Saturday night. The violence must end - there can be only one! Now, how can that poor old lady object to making peace in the entire science fiction and role playing community???



Ah, well, Data used her money for air hockey, too. That really makes everything just fine. I'm sure if that nice old lady had known Data was using her money to play air hockey, even she would have understood, sci-fi peace or not!



Nothing lasts forever, not even someone else's life savings. Data felt the squeeze of an empty pocket, went to the nearest pool hall, put on his dumb and confused look, and sure enough, within 15 minutes he surrounded himself with hungry pool sharks and was in the midst of a $250 pool game!



Mmmmmmmm! There's nothing like Marriott™ food and Marriott's™ friendly employees! Hey, most Marriott™ employees at a university restaurant are poor college students, too, and they'll take pictures with anything that's waving $250 around, even a cardboard android. You know, taking Data to this university restaurant brought smiles to so many people's faces because it was such an unusual thing to see that Data wanted to continue the trend. Nothing compares to making people happy, especially to an android with a new emotion chip.



Monica, one time girlfriend, used to work at KFC™, which holds very special memories for her. This page was made in Kentucky, so let's tell the world what KFC™ really stands for - Kentucky Fried Chicken™. Why the change? Well, the Tricon™ (KFC's™ parent company) marketing folks researched the current status of Kentucky Fried Chicken's™ brand image and how best to improve it. There seemed to be some concern with the word "fried" because the health risks of a high fat diet aren't good. So, by removing the word "fried" from the brand image, the customer should no longer be consciously aware that KFC™ fried chicken is high in fat and people who have or are at risk of coronary artery disease should not eat fried chicken too often or at all, and hey, they don't just serve fried chicken, folks! No, they have baked chicken, too! Not to mention a salad bar and fat free dressing!

Anyway, Data thought he'd show his loyalty to Monica by eating some of that greasy fried chicken. Data makes friends wherever he goes... and this one insisted on paying for his meal. What a guy - and see, he's smiling! So is the lady in the background wearing the headset and white sweatshirt. Tricon™ should be smiling, too, because although mention was made of the health risks of eating fried chicken, their other healthy food selections were also noted, so it's still okay to eat there and this advertising is free! Kroger™ should also be smiling because Data's new friend is a smiling Kroger™ employee who is ready to serve you at your friendly neighborhood Kroger™!



When Spot, Data's cat, started climbing the curtains and meowing loudly in the middle of the night, Data knew exactly what was the matter. Spot was un-spayed, in heat and had never seen a male cat! What torture! So Data went to the pet store and found what was, in his opinion, the cutest male cat kitten in the store! Hey now, it was Spot's first time in heat - no cradle robbing here!



Data has quite an ego... he insisted we rent his motion picture debut, Star Trek: Generations, to watch when we returned to the dorms. Ah, how nice - another smiling person, this one a Blockbuster Video employee.



Data and his ego, again... this time a Star Trek: TNG comic book. This guy wouldn't warm up to Data for anything! He said, "I'll take a picture, but I don't smile." Well, you can't make all the people happy all the time. I suspect this guy may lack the ability to experience the sheer joy of life at a genetic level.



A little short on cash, Data holds up the hobby shop. The store owner, whose arm is visible on the right side of the photo, said, "I've never seen anything like this before." And I doubt he has since.


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