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 This is a picture from 1995.  It was the headline of my old page, and I didn't have the heart to change it.  This picture says, nay, screams something about my mental state.   My, but I was an odd sort of cove.  If I were browsing web pages and stumbled upon this one, I'd frankly hit the "Back" button and look for another.  But whatever you think of this page, whether you think I've wasted a mind, I'm creative, a dork or a genius or nothing at all, it's unique.  My uniqueness is one of few things I genuinely fell I can be proud of.  Okay, let's move on...
Links from the Golden Era of web publishing (c. 1995): 
Most of this page was composed in the summer of 1995 when the World Wide Web was in its infancy and not at all world-wide.  This was a time when having a personal web page symbolized that one was a member of an elite Internet aristocracy, a real show-stopper.  Some people drive red sports cars, others wear expensive clothes and fine jewelry to make others aware of their status.  In 1995, one way geeks did it with web pages.

Here are my pages, the expressions of my creativity:

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