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No one comes to this page intentionally.  This page relies on search engines that are somewhat lobotomized, yea, search engines that don't employ context-sensitive search algorithms, but rather use simplistic text scans that can be fooled by a judicious use of educated-sounding and smutty vocabulary.  Kindly excuse any use of ingenious or astute language and rest assured that I would never use references to sex or any of the other most searched for words.  This page relies on sexy design to set it apart, not sophomore pranks like hanging provocative lingerie on a flagpole, better known as panty raids.  You won't find steamy, luscious fantasy stories about Pamela Anderson Lee or Jenny McCarthy drenched in sweat and prancing around in a thong bikini of silk and sequins exhibiting their cleavage on a hot California beach to excite your lust in hidden text at the bottom of a page, nor will you find free pictures of them in the nude with a bonus MP3 or AVI file for your audio-video multimedia collection.  This not an adult site and it's kid-safe, which is news to chat about.

Okay, so I lied and I am without scruples.  I have a document of the 1000 most searched for words on the web.  It's a must-have for the personal web page developer who doesn't have any actual useful content on their site.  It makes a great thesaurus and keeps the hits coming.

Perhaps you were searching for a web page about Guinness beer (, how to find the right college for you or ways to default on your college loans without ruining your credit rating or, better yet, job hunting so you wouldn't have to default on your loans.  If any of these is so, it's time to find a new search engine, but before you do, pop open a beer, sit back and relive with me...

The Last Days of College

The Last Guinness

The author heartily enjoys a Guinness in the final days before college graduation.

College is a time of self-discovery, beer, learning, beer, friends, beer, planning for the future, beer, boundless energy and beer.  After a few years, you leave university and look for a job that will eventually pay off all those loans haunting you.

I recently developed some pictures I shot during my college days.  Although I graduated in 1997, they brought back poignant memories told by the brain cells that had survived the ordeal.


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