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Stay tuned to this page for little known facts and pictures of some of my favourite Asians in their everyday activities. See the results of my in depth research to crack the Asian puzzle!

On this page, you will find research results of two Asians I am convinced are involved in some diabolical plot to overthrow Western society! Let us call them "Ernie" and "Satoru ." Ernie, the Malaysian, and Satoru, the Japanese, appear to the casual observer to have a superficial relationship based on Satoru taking Ernie to the grocery store, night clubs, houses of ill repute, etc., and Ernie cooking all the food and allowing Satoru to use his kitchen. Meanwhile, their consistent arguing and wrestling matches lead most to believe that they can't stand one another! You'll see that beneath their bickering lie plans within plans!

DISCLAIMER: Of course, all of this is pure fiction, but it's entertaining to take a few odd pictures and fabricate a purely fictitious story. The real characters have been informed of m y purely fictitious story, and each has given me permission to include this purely fictitious story in my web site, provided that I mention that it is all purely fictitious.

In case you haven't yet gotten the meaning of what I'm telling you, click here for a definition of purely fictitious.

The facts on Ernie.

The facts on Satoru.

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