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Stupid Americans -- Americans are Sooo Stupid!

I used to think that people were stupid in general, but I realised that this kind of thinking was obstructively cynical. After coming to college, however, I talked with people from other countries who remarked at how stupid Americans were. I remembered my old way of thinking and realised that I was looking at things from the wrong perspective -- people in general weren't stupid, just Americans!

Although I think Americans are stupid for other reasons than in the pictures you will find on this page, most people would probably attest to the stupidity of these pictures and the people in them. Actually, not many people agree to go along with my ideas for pictures, so there aren't many people here. But hats go off to Michael Krantz for agreeing to pose for most of these pictures. Check this page again soon for more pictures as soon as I get them developed and scanned!

Some of Michael Krantz' finest!

The rest of my Stupid Americans pictures!

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