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Ernie's Quest for Western Domination

Ernie's plans are for the domination of Western Society by force! We have available a picture of him using my computer to launch an attack on the world's largest computer network, our beloved Internet!

See Ernie sucking up electrical resources and breaking into the Pentagon's MIDI Orchestrator program:

Here is Ernie cleverly faking a completely moronic level of computer illiteracy:

Ernie also has an accomplice, a traitor to Western society! His girlfriend infiltrates the innermost workings of Western society, and reports the form of the Western psyche to Ernie! Know this woman well! Be aware of what she looks like! If she co mes near, DO NOT engage in any activities typical of members of Western society!

Get a good view of her rosy cheeks!

The aura that surrounds her, the food she eats, and the sodas she drinks!

Ernie plays tennis with Satoru while planning strategies for Western conquest. Here is Ernie taking a swing at the ball:

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