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This picture from my home page shows me coming home from somewhere. Note the messy appearance of my room -- it's really like that all the time. I didn't fake it for looks. However, my room during the school year remains, for the most part, clean, because I have to live there for 9 months, woo women, and that sort of thing.

These pictures show a full view of my room. Okay, this is the "pictures of me" page and they're not pictures of me, but my essence is there.

During the summer of 1994, I worked outside in the heat often, didn't eat or drink fluids like I should have, and tried to supplement my poor diet by taking vitamins every day. The result of a lack of fluids and taking vitamins manifested itself as a kidney stone. I had my first kidney stone attack in June, and didn't pass it until October. Fortunately, though, I only had two attacks of pain, and was given 20 tablets of Demerol (narcotic pain killer, strongest pain killer in pill form available) with which to combat the pain. Now, what do I do with the extra Demerol? Hmmmmm...

The next two pictures find me displaying my stone, and using a human model to show where kidney stones exit one's body.


Here is a picture of me going off on some psychotic manic trip that I occasionally have. I'm playing my MIDI file of Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here" on my computer, and yelling/singing the lyrics, which are included in the picture for your convenience (or at least the first line, which I was singing when the picture was taken). Note the song title on my computer screen, which was added using CA Cricket Paint's Perspective tool. The person to my right trying to get out of the picture is Mr. Krantz.

I was campaign manager for a friend who ran for Hall Vice President, successfully, I might add. Here is a shot of me posing with one of our campaign fliers.

This is the worst picture of my mother and brother that I could find. My parents are divorced, so my father wasn't available for this shot. Oh, well... his loss.

My Japanese roommate Satoru and I weren't always at each other's throats over this Western society thing. Here is a picture of the two of us at peace. Note how Satoru is cringing away from my electric touch!

This picture is of Mr. Krantz and myself, taken sometime around 2 or 3 in the morning, while we were working the desk of a dorm on campus during a summer camp. On this particular night, I believe that I woke up late for work, and didn't have time to catch a shower, and thus explains my snazzy hat. Mr. Krantz is on the left, by the way.

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