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In this first picture, you can meet the good sport Mr. Krantz in the midst of confusion. I think I got this one after asking him what he'd do if I put his picture in my web site.

In this next picture, we have Mr. Krantz at his best, showing off his pet bird. The evil grin on his face is classic; I had to resist the urge to draw horns coming out of his head for this one. Instead, I had to think of the little children that mig ht wander past here, and blurred out part of the picture. See how Mr. Krantz says good morning to his parents:

In this picture, we have startling evidence that you really are what you eat. Mr. Krantz was put in solitary confinement for a week, given nothing to eat and drink but pretzels and apple juice. Immediately after he was released, I took this p hotograph of him, comparing his face to an apple precariously balanced on a bowl of pretzels. Can you tell which is which?

Mr. Krantz and I demonstrate how butterflies communicate -- with their tongues! 'Nuff said.

Then there was the time that Mr. Krantz committed some heinous, sexually offensive crime. Of course, he had to do it in the nation of Odifo, where that sort of thing (i.e., flashing) is not taken lightly. The Odifians believe that punishment for a crime should be an act more severe than the crime itself. For example, if you stole someone's television set, your victim would be given the right to take any electronic devices you owned. So, for flashing a passerby on the street for 2 seconds, Mr. Krantz was sentenced to remain in a penis stock in a public area for 2 days. Here is a picture of Mr. Krantz taken 10 minutes into his sentence, shortly before Odifo children began setting aluminum cans and glass bottles with lit firecrackers in them at the ba se of the penis stock Mr. Krantz was attached to. Here is Mr. Krantz in Odifo at night, with the Odifo standing in the background, scheming their plans!


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