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Looking for my "funtongue scatterplot" weblog? It's moving to a new home.

funtongue scatterplot was originally hosted on Excite@Home's member web server, but it's been down since Thursday night. That's dismal availability, and as the web space is a membership perk, there's no service level agreement, per se. You really do get what you pay for, I guess. Excite@Home's future doesn't look very promising, either, raising doubts about Another ISP will probably buy out @Home and make the transition smooth for cable modem users, but the member web server's future is anyone's guess. I fear to think.

I registered a domain and 200MB of web space with another provider. Once DNS propagates the change, you'll be able to find funtongue scatterplot at  Hopefully, all will be copasetic by Labor Day. Speaking of days, you have a nice one.


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