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Lady of the Rose

O my Lady of the Rose,
You have just come into my life,
Loving me and treasuring me for reasons I just
     don't know.
You've shown me the value of living a full life
By allowing me to help aid your own.
You taught me the magic of true love
By loving the real me, who happily loved you back.
You have thawed my long frozen heart
By showing me the effects of sadness on your heart.
You showed me how to smell the roses along the way
By not touching the thorns.
The winter draws near, my Lady,
And with it your blooms and leaves must die,
Leaving only a barren rosebush,
With death always lurking nearby.
But if we can remain shielded from the frost,
And have the luck of living through it all,
We'll have next year covering the rest of our
Running straight into fall.
Cherish the Rose.


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