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House of Cards

House of Cards, House of Fantasy,
Allow me to build you of an untrue tale!
Draw the Queen of Hearts as the sole foundation,
And top the structure with the heavy king!
Make the walls from every card of unvalor,
trembling under
     the load,
And see to it that each level has as its floor the
cards of
     fallen royalty, to be trampled by their feet!
House of Cards, House of Beauty,
You stand in my awe,
You nurture my trust!
Surely you must be strong,
So I attach to you, secure in your presence.
I live within the House!
House of Cards, House of Lies,
Here comes the trying Storm,
'Tis only a child's mischievous hand!
The Cards come falling down on me,
Whether royalty or peasant or queen!
House of Cards, House of Cries,
You've inflicted my worst wound!
I lay lifeless under your shattered body,
Buried by my own mistakes,
Under a foundation of failed art,
The foundation of the Heart.


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