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Mud Pies

Mud pies, I like 'em.
The wonderful, splattable, flyable, smearable but so
     deceivably unedible mud pie.
Mud pies, you are the 5 year old's dream!
And the parent's nightmare!
Causer of many tanned bottoms
Maybe that's why I only made them once,
Or because they stink.
Do you know where mud comes from?
Rotten leaves and grass,
But that's not all, I tell you!
Also shit. Many types of it!
Mostly probably bug shit,
Scattered around with squirrel shit, bird shit,
Large clumps of cow shit, which attracts flies and their
     shit. Moo stink and gag.
Know what hunters and people outside do when they think no
     one is looking?
YES! People shit! And sometimes even on the ground, on the
After the rain, no shit, no dirt.
The dough of life.


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