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The Email Archive of the Nephrolithiasis (aka Kidney Stone) Page™

A number of people have expressed an interest in the experiences of other kidney stone sufferers, so I have decided to create this page as a sort of reference source to archive some of the more interesting or helpful emails that I have received.

A few people have made a very generous offer by giving me permission to post their email addresses, offering to share their knowledge and experience with kidney stones. I have included their addresses at the beginning of their email message to me. To send email to these people, simply click on their address. If your web browser has access to a mail server and has been configured to use it, then you will be able to communicate with these people directly. These people have volunteered their time to help others, and I appreciate their generosity. Be sure to thank them for their time.


Bryan Travis - Creator of the Nephrolithiais (aka Kidney Stone) Page™.

Hi, Bryan!

Thanks for putting the info up on kidney stones. I've had stones for years, every couple of months. The tops was 15 when I was pregnant with my second son. Nothing the Doctors could do would help this recurring problem. I decided to go on a low-salt diet for some other health benefits, and the problem stopped completely. I've gone the longest in years without a stone: 7 months. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Actually, this low-salt diet was prescribed by doctors in previous generations for stones. But I guess somehow the info was lost, or perhaps the AMA decided it was too simple, and therefore not good medical practice. Regardless, it works for me and my calcium-based stones. Thought I would share this with you. Feel free to publish my e-mail address for anyone who wants to contact me:

I cut down from approximately 2500 mg of sodium daily (the normal American diet) to approximately 500. I do splurge occasionally, however.

Thanks again for the info, Bryan, and best wishes.



Lithotripters and Stents


According to my info the "tub" type machines are the more primative version. In any case to get the ultrasonic waves to enter the body properly their must be a "coupling". The first version was the bath tub type. Newer versions simply require you to lie against a liquid filled bladder or cushion. I was originally scheduled for something called a Lithostar which is over at Floyd Memorial. In this machine you stay awake albeit with a morphine injection. The procedure is completely external. Evidently the stone must be relatively close to the kidney. If not and the stone has descended low the bones of the pelvis prevent the proper ultrasonic penetration.

In any case the Lithostar was booked and my pain was too acute to wait. So I went to Suburban. After being prepped for surgery the doctor told me that the lithotripter was down for PM so it would be laser. It later turned out that the stone was so far down it probably would have been laser anyway.

Evidently to improve the function of the lithotripter the normal procedure is to insert a steel rod up through the penis through the bladder and into the ureter. This allows better location of the ureter and evidently when the ultrasonics insert a steel rod up through the penis through the bladder and into the ureter. This allows better location of the ureter and evidently when the ultrasonics vibrate the stone against the steel the disintegration is better.

But I digress. In my case they follow the same path as above but send up a laser. I assume it is a two way fiber optic which allows viewing or lasing. When the laser hits the stone it evidently explodes. The whole process must tear up the ureter quite a bit and evidently the problem in the past is that often the ureter would seal up from swelling and bleeding and effectively act like there was still a stone blocking it.

Enter the stent which is a flexible plastic hose full of holes with curlicues on each end. It is inserted from the kidney to the bladder and the curlicues (which are flexible) hold it into place. In my case their is a string which extends outside the body and allows easy removal (by a trained medical professional, don't try this at home). My brother had a stent with no string and evidently the removal procedure is a little more complicated (but not much...still done in a doctors office).

It is Tuesday and I feel a whole lot better that I have in the last couple of days. I'm trying to drink massive quantities of fluid to keep everything flushed out and clean. The stent is scheduled for removal Thursday at noon. I can't wait.

Thanks for your interest and remember to drink sufficient water each day to generate 8 glasses of urine! Don't measure it with your mother's good glasses!

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