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Another Legendary Case of Guinness Meets Mr. Shot Glass 
A Few of My Favorite Things Meet Mr. Shot Glass

A few of the author's favorite things:  Linux, British "humour," Guinness Extra Stout, Mr. Shot Glass and a bed to pass out on.

Our first experience with Mr. Shot Glass was extremely positive, and all involved had a good time.  We drank, made jokes at "Jay Dot Ess Dot Smart's" expense, I passed out and friends ransacked my web page, replacing the "Infamous Girlfriends Page" with the "Infamous Boyfriends Page," not that there's anything wrong with it.

Our first experience with Guinness Extra Stout was also positive, and all involved had a good time.  We drank, I took an Astronomy test whilst drunk and was interviewed by the campus paper, we laughed at Jim Carrey and put Radio Free Leitchfield on the air.

With two such equally positive alcoholic libation experiences, the logical next step was to introduce the two in our stomachs.  Unfortunately, like a matter/antimatter reaction, the results were literally violently explosive:

Drunk as a skunk Drunk and puking

The consequences of mixing Guinness and Mr. Shot Glass are exquisitely unpleasant and should not be approached with levity.

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